CSA Recreation

The  Riverside County CSA Recreation Unit, aka MARS is dedicated to providing fun, spirited activities and events which enhance the quality of life for our CSA residents within Riverside County. Looking to meet new people within your community? Or just want to have great family fun? Come join one of our awesome community events throughout the year. Be on the lookout for new events, coming to a CSA park near you.

Riv Co MARS stands for Riverside County Mobile Activities Recreation Services. It's what we call our recreation program. If you come to one of  our events, you can see the colorful MARS Van on full display, loaded with goodies, games & supplies that make our events possible. We are mobile and ready to serve CSA communities within Riverside County.  Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see our coming events as well as recaps and photos of past events.  

Upcoming Events

Fall Festival 2019

CSA 134 & 143 residents, get ready for a Fall Festival like no other. This event will feature a pumpkin patch, jumpers, interactives, laser tag, dance party, costume contest, a haunted house, a Halloween maze and a spooky train ride.  For more information, contact rkross@rivco.org or 951.955.4816.

Madigan Park - 44244 Madigan Street, Temecula, CA - 4pm -8pm - October 12th

Deleo Park - 25655 Santiago Canyon Rd, Corona , CA - 4pm-8pm - October 19th

Past Events

Movies in the Park 2019

CSA 134 & 143 residents, enjoyed the fun-filled 2019 Movie in the Park series. Movies, Popcorn and Activities.. oh my! This year, we featured the 30th Anniversary of the Little Mermaid and Incredibles 2. We held events at Deleo, Madigan and Central Parks!

Spring Festival 2019

Over 2,500 CSA 134 & 143 residents joined the RivCo MARS Crew for some Egg-tastic fun. 9 Easter Egg hunts at 3 parks and over 15,000 eggs were found! Events took place on April 6, 2019 - Deleo Park \ April 13, 2019 - Galleron Park \ April 14, 2019 - Central Park

Snow Day 2018 - at Deleo Park

Snow Day 2018 was a perfect winter wonderland of fun! More than 1,000 attendees enjoyed over 40 tons of snow, sledding ramps, drinks and crafts at Deleo Park in Temescal Valley.

Fall Festival 2018

The 2018 Fall Festival events took place at Deleo Park on October 20, 2018. This event featured a pumpkin patch, jumpers, interactives, super hero laser tag, dance party, costume contest, a haunted house and a spooky train ride. 

Summer Splash 2018

The 2018 Summer Splash event was a big hit will over 400 local residents in attendance. The event took place on July 21st at Deleo Park in Temescal Valley. Gusts were treated to water slides, water balloon fights, food trucks and more…

Movies in the Park 2018

The 2018 Movies in the Park series featured two epic movies, Peter Rabbit & Disney’s COCO. Six total events took place at Willows Park in Murrieta, Deleo Park in Temescal Valley and Madigan Park in Temecula. Activities included: Bouncers, Reptile Exhibit, Crafts, Live Entertainment, Popcorn, Face Painting and much more! More than 1,500 CSA residents were in attendance and enjoying a night under the stars.

Spring Festival 2018

Spring Festival at Galleron Park, Central Park and Deleo Park was a full fledged celebration of Spring! With and Egg Hunt, Games, Bouncers, Interactives, and the Easter Bunny. More than 2,000 residents were in attendance for all 3 events.

Snow Day 2017

Snow Day at Deleo Park took place on December 16, 2017. Residents were entertained by Santa, REAL SNOW, sledding ramps, a life sized snow globe, a snowboarding simulator and holiday crafts. More than 1,000 locals came out to enjoy the day!!

Fall Festival 2017

The 2017 Fall Festival events took place at Deleo Park and Madigan Park last October. These events featured a pumpkin patch, jumpers, interactives, zorb ball races, mad science booth, the Maddening Maze and a spooky train ride. 

Movies in the Park 2017

The 2017 Movie in the Park Series featured two exciting Disney movies, Moana and Finding Dory.

Summer Splash 2017

The 2017 Summer Splash was a sun-filled day of water and family fun, held at Deleo Park in June 2017 . The entertainment included Water Balloon fights, Water Slides, Bubble Rollers, Glitter Tattoos and Carnival Games. 


The 2017 Spring Fest hopped its way to two of our local CSA parks. The Easter bunny made a special appearance along with, crafts, bouncers and of course several Easter Egg Hunts.

Central Park Sunday April 9   •    Madigan Park April 15


DELEO PARK - December 17, 2016

Fall Festival 2016

MADIGAN PARK - October 15    •     DELEO PARK - October 22

Movies in the Park 2016

STAR WARS - July 16 - Willows Park / July 22 - Deleo Park / July 23 - Madigan Park

FROZEN - Aug. 6 - Willows Park /  Aug. 13 - Madigan Park /  Aug. 27 - Deleo Park

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